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out and about

tidal sands exposed
creating a fishermans delight
swallows diving effortlessly
beneath a broken bridge's plight
the tunes from a radio
drift away with the breeze
as the schools of trevally
break the glistening water with ease
the winter suns warmth
dresses the day kind
as i reflect on the beauty
that abounds around my mind
i am so lucky to be where i am
so grateful to be alive
i've danced with the devil
and managed to survive
every colour that emerges
through the hallways of life
every note that is played
eliminates my strife
simple reminders....but
keys to whats around
as my journey continues
within the beauty that abounds........
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2014
About this poem:
an amazing winter's saturday.........

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Comments (4)

My sister lives on Hope Island.
I hope to visit her next year.
I spent 15 months in Australia.
It is a beautiful place to live.
You have just reminded me.
Hi Jeanniemac......Ahh just a stones throw from the gold coast and beyond....i know that part of the s/e rather well .....glad it bought back some memories for you ...thanks for your thoughts regards Nucool
very beautifully painted piece loved the vision dear friendsangel grin
Hi Darkhorse .........Thanks for your comments mate .....very much appreciated .......Regards Nucool
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