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For you were my air.
You were my 2nd half.
Without you i am lost.
Looking for who i am.
Looking for where i fit
into my life.
You breathed life into me.
Giving me all i need.
When you were gone i
myself breaking in two.
I could not breathe.
I could not move.
How could i live without
you in my life.
How could my life be
complete without you.
N O ... A I R .
gasping hoping to find
where i am to exist.
Telling my lungs expand
nothing is happening.
LORD i cry out for you.
It has been so long i
should be over this.
Yet i am still in this
same place.
Begging for an existence
For help to get through
just one more day.
Why can i not feel relief
it has been over 6 years.
If not yet?
When can i breathe?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2014

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Comments (2)

I know exactly how you feel my husband passed away less then 2 years . There is no time frame you can grieve your husband for as long as you choose I also understand the part about where do we fit in live without him. I hope your talking or writing its good to let it all out there are several poets on here who have lost their spouses If you ever need a friend I'm here. teddybear teddybear sad flower
girly girl
thanks for your advice. We were married 18 yrs
seems like a lifetime
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