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The Witness...

First there was nothing,
A bland, vapid whiteness enveloped all,
No sound, no feeling, no taste,
No touch, no up, no down,
Just the Witness-Adam, silent, emotionless, still...
Then a thought flickered across the emptiness,
“What if there was another in the room...?”
Instantly the ‘other-Eve’ appeared,
And now there were ‘two’,
An eon or two passed,
The ‘one’ witnessing the ‘other’
Suddenly, another thought tip-toed across eternity,
“If I said ‘hello’ to the ‘other’, would it reciprocate?
How would it respond,
With courtesy, beauty, passion peace and love,
Or with hostility, enmity, disharmony and ‘past-life’ issues?
Another eon or two passed,
But, still, there was only the Witness wrapped in its own lonely musings...

“Hello,” said Adam,
A kaleidoscopic explosion of something totally new descended on the Witnesses,
Sound, bathed the cosmos,
They spent another delicious eternity chatting,
Digesting every word with great relish,
But, still, talk can only do so much, something was missing,
But what?
“May I meld just a tad with you?”, asked the bold one, Adam, of course,
“You may”,
Instantly the ‘two’ essences reached out across forever,
Uncertainly, diffidently, shyly, unsurely,
Like two fingertips edging towards each other,
And then, it happened,
The space was inundated with a myriad new sensations,
Incomprehensible vibrations were experienced,
A few more eons passed with unprecedented growth...
First holding of hands,
First kiss,
First base,
Third..., etc.
Soon, ‘Adam’ and “Eve’ were running to and fro,
Adam to and from work, Eve, to and from piano lessons, PTA meetings, etc., etc...
One day, long after the ‘firsts’ that brought such fire and pleasure, and wholeness and companionship and a deep cherished communion,
Inane, mundane, ‘routine’ took over,
Adam began to guiltily notice Jane,
Eve began to guiltily notice Joe,
And things went to hell-in-a-hand-basket...,
Adam died of the normal heart attack at 67,
His heart broken in more ways than one,
Eve lasted ten more excruciatingly lonely years,
Writing many a lost-love poem at poet’s corner...,
Her crying-out for that bitter-sweet but lost communion...,
Mostly falling on deaf ears...
Adam was, of course waiting for Eve on the ‘other side’,
A blazing, and totally sweet reunion ensued,
But, they realized that as the Witness,
In an eternity sans chaos boredom soon overtook them,
“What do you say Eve, this time I’ll be you and you be me?”
Into the maelstrom they gladly dived...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2010
About this poem:
Is this a prophecy? Who knows, who knows...

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Earlgreytea - cool write...I enjoyed the thoughts you provoked! Thanks my friend!!cool peace yay
Thank you Jazzy, you're such a 'doll'!!!
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