A Conscience Mind

Be aware of disappointments they are self-placed; widening the gap of guilt and uncertainty

You are unique and natural, a perfect vessel espousing to do great things as directed by GOD

God has granted the perfect opportunity removing all obstacles in your way, focusing on all perfect and good things
Simply and quietly give of yourself unquestioning His direction or purpose for your life

Fearlessly seek the inventory of your talents that focuses on your strengths not your weaknesses

The compassion of power is not rooted in your mistakes but in the grace of God’s forgiveness and faith to keep going

An unsettled or conscience mind can be overwhelming; ask GOD to restore its sanity and peace

Sometimes we feel powerless, what a consolation knowing there is something greater than us; a source we can draw from when our personal well is dry

Turning to our source opens all possibilities; it’s spiritually joyfully is addictive when used and the well will never dry up

Meditate on Gods promises to change your life and to build your character

Never equate a stumble as your way of life; keep moving in the right direction, GOD is looking over your shoulder and guiding your steps

The vastness of the universe is unfolding before you don’t be afraid; magnify in its glory, there's a story to be told, just wait your turn

A life without God is like food without spices; wait for the awe and be intrigued by his magnificent design

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2014

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