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~in silence they look~

Is he greedy they ask
Have you ever seen him alone by himself
Lines on his face journeys they are
Wandering life days.

He's not a bone in his body to current day hosts
Part's of his past, new surfaced ghost's.

Chooses carefully he doe's
As those minute's change the ones
Waitin next inline
Fertilize the thought that you seem to want grown.

A willing cry you want heard in the night
Or a silent smile as you're a shadow of one.

Society in stride, waitin for the rules to read and abide.

Hell I'm not sayin to break em, just live to the edge
That word spelled en oh find it more less
While minutes in your day are yelled in said yes.

Yet in drama's your stance
Sorry bout your luck and so sorry to hear!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2014
About this poem:
Hmmmmmmmm, do you have the guts to agree that society is geared like this or perhaps this is only my dream lol. Cheers!

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