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Letting Go...

As the light of the moons white sheet,
Shone across the waters, onto the beach.
I thought of love, just you and me.
And how we could live...for eternity.
But as the night had gone to past,
The moons white light had gone so fast.
And like the light you had fled,
Left me stranded,
Left for dead…
Like the days I’d lived before,
I live alone, behind closed doors
To live my life, within a shell.
The live now and ever, in lifeless hell.
But if our paths should pass again.
Yes…maybe then…

Well then is now, and now was then.
You stand here before me, but once again.
In your eyes I can see, you no longer love just me.
And within your arms, you hold a child.
In his face I see my smile.
A smile that speaks a thousands words,
Yet unspoken…I have heard.
Then as you turn your back and walk away.
Within the arms of a man you love today.
It’s then I realize how it must be,
I must let you go...
And set you free…
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2010

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Comments (5)

Hi, aussieb,

The at-once lovely and foreboding phrase the moon's white sheet evokes the image of death with the white sheet being pulled over the past. Powerful imagery!
Sad,evocative poem of unrequited love,so touching.The words"And within your arms, you hold a child.In his face I see my smile" heart- rending.At times we have to let go of certain things.Perhaps you will find a brighter tomorrow.comfort
trurorobonline today!
It is right to let go! but sometimes so hard!
aussieb - I enjoyed your 'letting go'...this poem speaks volumes. Thanks for sharingteddybear
terrific. thank you
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