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love poem 40244

you never know what you may find
wandering around inside our mind

we wear our hearts, naked on our sleeve
as wave of light shines out our belief

believing our scenes, we kiss and shout
and feign for love, our acting out

what is so compelling of this analogy
of us growing through life's biology

growing Petri like, we dish it out
our culture, our song, our lives about

want and desire, wanton desire, sets
us on fire, without love or regrets

it's all I want, just to be with you
if you understand and not misconstrue

the duality of us both together can
repeat generations since time began

Eve and Adam were the first to know
that it takes two to make love grow

© agoodguy2have 2010-03-07
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2010

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Comments (4)

Good tis true takes two... Like this work..wave
i hear you loud and clear on this write,some of us are so ready to be loved...but just get denied everytime,or just to shy.handshake beer
guy, you're a romantic!
sigh Lovely bouquet
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