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Missing You

I miss you like a part of me
That I never thought Id ever see
I never knew or even cared
I'd become numb and never dared
Think there could ever, ever be
Someone that enchanted me
The way you did, or make me see
There could be more to life than levity
I'd become numb and walled my heart
Not wanting it to be again split apart
My pain was endless, but I bared it alone
Got used to it as it seeped into every bone
My mind could not ease out the pain
You entered in like good morphaine
My mind at ease and then in ecstasy
As I hallucinated you being with me
You were the drug of choice
I loved your laugh and adored your voice
your moral compass and tact
I loved to chat...I respected all that
I loved you then. I love you now
The emptiness you created makes me vow
To never let my guard down again
I loved you and also was your good friend
As time went on you would not even that allow
My consciousness and abilities wained somehow
My drug of choice you took away
I can barely get threw the next day
Your face and smile and laugh I miss
I longed to hold you and then to kiss
No thoughts of lust or greed or self
I only wanted to make you happy and make you smile
Perhaps to love and have you love me back for a while
Really I wanted to grow old with you
To make you smile and laugh til we both knew
We were meant to be together for ever
Grow old to the grave and forsake you never
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2010

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Comments (14)

Hi, boyshchrm6,

The mix of dreams and reality highlight the love-tormented mind. The beginning, like a part of me / That I never thought Id ever see, intrigues me. It sounds as if the relationship resulted in self-discovery. Perhaps that alone, to become more, is worth the price paid. Thanks for sharing!
trurorobonline today!
your emotions my friend are making you produce some of your best poetry!!
Take Care
I can feel your pain. I hope everything works out. Take care.
like rob's true that a broken heart bleeds good words.
gnj4 thanks for your kind comment.
We are all works in progress. Hey,
you know poetry is a lot of embellishment.
I see hope on the horizon. And "hope"
is a angel thumbs up wine
From the heart of pain comes forth love's sweet refrain(music).Bask in the sunshine of love.Wish you Happiness,boyshchrm,handshake teddybear
I feel your pain, and do hope there was some embellishment.
A moving and well flowing poem.
'You entered in like good morphine', nice original phrase, so many of us can relate, wonderful to express it the way you have...
It's not the emotions Rob, it's
the 6% angel thumbs up angel
Thanks PinkPoetress. Hope all is well
with you and glad you can write angel hug angel
Thanks agoodguy, but he doth bleed,
and profusely. Tycool angel sad flower angel
Heart breaking...crying
Raw emotion and images...very intense poem boyshchrm. Here's to you! buddies
Thanks Banny.hug
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