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Come on over and see me
Theres no need to please me
Just place you're hand upon my heart

I'm just a work in progress
So call me a novice
I always thought that love was shaped like a heart

Nobody said it would be easy
Needing something thats not cheesey
I'm afraid of getting another brokenheart

Come grab on to my hand
We'll walk slowly in the sand
Lets only talk about our brand new start

So many questions some I can't answer
Please tell me you don't want to part
I wanted you right from the start

Come on over and I'll show you
All the reasons I chose you
No one will ever tear us apart

How is my progress
Call me you're godess
Will you tell me our love is shaped like a heart

Always and forever
We will stay together
Nothing will ever come between our hearts

Nobody believes we're still together
They say true love can't last forever
There all missing what we've got from the start

Come on over and touch me
You don't have to rush me
Just remember our love is shaped like a heart

We'll always have each other
You're my best friend and lover
How did I find someone so caring and smart

I will be with you always
At every turn in the hallway
Nothing will ever break us apart!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2010
About this poem:
a sweet little love poem i wrote,after hearing a song on the radio,music is where i get alot of my ideas from when writting poetry.

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Comments (3)

Hi, dreamwolf5264,

Keep listening to those tunes! Your lines Come grab on to my hand / We'll walk slowly in the sand elicit new-love hopefulness while true love can't last forever strikes me as an oxymoron. Thanks for sharing.
music is why some of us live...for some of us,its the only thing that keeps us going,yeah i'll keep listening,and wonder....what made them write the things they thought of,an emotional outlet for most of us,...peace.wave wave wave
Shouldn't love be shaped like 2 hearts joined though?
Just askin'? Nice pleasant read.TY
cool angel thumbs up angel
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