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Canvas At Work

Splatters of color
upon a canvas of life.
Brightening up the sky
showing me the beauty
that is around us.
Letting me see the depth
of all that could be.
Painting the world as if
with a brush to create
a new scene one stoke at
a time .
For each day the picture
can change right before
you as you look at it.
This is how the season
come into being.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2014
About this poem:
change of season gave me this poem

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Comments (4)

beautifully painted piece dear friendangel grin
thanks for your kind wordsdancing
Hi, adjhe,
…create a new scene one stoke at a time… Thanks for sharing your write with us in which every day is a new canvas of life creation.
thanks for your comment. have a blessed dayteddybear wine
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