The Fallen

we are the fallen,
we are the souls,
we were men of greater goals.

we are the solistice,
we are the peace
we are the fools you took at ease.

we are the strong,
in mind and heart,
we are the souls you torn apart.

we are the lost,
we are the found,
we are the ones who stood our ground.

we are the forgotton,
we are the dead,
we are the heroes they said.

we are soldiers
we are mules.
we are the greater good of men and fools.

we are answered prayers
we heard the calling
for we, are the fallen
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2014

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Written with honour and valour your brother would be proud sorry for your loss my brother is alive but he is lost to drugs I admire your write handshake
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