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The reflection from our mirror
only shows the image
we want to see.

It may be that others see us as
we really are.
Content with themselves,
but deceived
by their own delusions.

Vision is not the simple thing
we imagine it to be,
but a fragile thing
shaped and molded by one’s past.

The old man sees his only love
as the young girl he met
so many years ago.

Others see her differently
Their pictures being painted from an image
which can be seen through a
clear glass, or distorted by the minds eye.

So what is the reality of vision
if not the same for everyone?
Perhaps it does not exist!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2010
About this poem:
I used to laugh when I heard " she looks the same as when we met 50 years ago" from a man married for many years.

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Others image as well as our own is totally subjective. Wallflower Wanda is often the most attractive because of the joy in her heart and her actions of the past.
Very true hedistuff....nice poem hament
hament - thought provoking...i enjoyed it!
He was a good teacher!conversing
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