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Holiday Wishes To You And Yours

Holiday Wishes To You And Yours

When the first true cold winds began to blow,
autumn soon shifted, and the first frost came.
Complaints for summer’s end were often heard,
but the year went by too fast, all the same.

So time to unpack the cold weather gear,
and yes, turn our thoughts to the holidays.
We all shall gather around the table,
to count our blessings these past weeks and days.

There’ve been challenges for many of us.
We bow our heads for each answered prayer.
We share and we speak to those we have lost.
We set a place for those who can’t be here.

May we raise a glass and offer good cheer.
May we light a candle and not forget,
all the dear ones who make life worth living.
And so speak with kindness and not regret.

May we all join hands and then our hearts,
never letting go of the peace we feel.
This is the season of faith and magic;
the LOVE we share and a God blessed meal.

A time to ponder all that is sacred;
the condition of our beliefs and soul.
A time to forgive and release with joy,
all that would prevent us from being whole.

Thank you Lord for every single blessing.
My life is a gift you hold in your hand.
When I have done what I am meant to do,
I will walk with you and I’ll understand.

Bless Us All That We Walk In Love
Ever Hand In Hand
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 2014
About this poem:
Blessings to every poet on CS. Sending out lots of good cheer and magic to you all!~ Celtic

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Comments (13)

Stunning!! Beautiful poem most times I lose site of all my blessings : Thank you for the beautiful reminder santa2: reindeer hug (A)
Hi Abby, you are most welcome. Its only because someone recently reminded ME that there are many blessings to count and I think I was overlooking a few. Got it all back on track for today. LOL. Thank you for commenting and taking the time to read. Wish you all the best. Gather those you love near to you and you will be richer by far. I light a candle when I think of loved ones who are gone and it makes me feel near to them. Love em while you have them. After all, friends and family are the sweetest blessings in life. Right? wine
hello, sweet lady, so good to
see you and read from you.
thank you for such lovely wishes,
all wrapped in a poem gift

wishing you a season of warmth
and love, surrounded by your
mother's loving presence

blessed be rose
My beautiful friend welcome back and what a great piece. Happy holidays.

gift teddybear
Thanks Beautiful. SO SO SO good to hear from you too. Thanks for the good wishes, much appreciated. I wish the same for you, now and always. I know I weave in and out of CS, but the poets here are on mind a lot and that's what keeps me coming back. Thanks again, Celticwine
Hello Divine Miss L. Jones. Thanks for the welcome back and the lovely comment. The poets here are dear to my heart and we will always have language in common. Feels so good to see familiar faces here and to hear from you all. HUGS, Celtichug
I'm glad I stopped by today. Your poem is fantastic Celtic especially the rhyme and flow. Seasons greetings.
Thanks Poet 1 for taking the time. GOOD to hear from you and see you here. This has been a crazy year, but I still have so much gratitude for all I have and all that I am. Blessings to you and yours and an amazing New Year. Celtic!~
thumbs up
Thank you ABBY for your sweet comments. I am honored. Sorry I didn't post for you sooner. Been a bit nuts around here. LOL. Blessings you this holiday season and all the magic it inspires. Happy New Year!wine
A beautiful piece my dearest friend. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Much love… Jessewine snowman
Thank you Jesse. SO nice connecting with you again and please keep writing. If you're like me you can't HELP but write. Blessings in return and a magical holiday. I keep a good thought for all of us here. crazy
hello hello baby you called
i cant hear athing
i have got no service in the club
you say say
what did you say huh
you ,re breaking up on mea
sorry,i cant hear you
i am kinda busy i am kinda busy
i cant hear thing i am kinda busy
just in second
is my favouret song they were you gonna play
but i cant text you with a drink in my hand eh,
you should some plane with me you knew that i was free

sorry i cant type more i am feeling boring
Vicky Vicky, Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!~wine
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