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Climbing Mountains

Where do I see myself some years from now
Which mountains to climb to get there.... and how?
Will the journey be easy? I think that's not the case
When I come to Mt Fear, which wall will I face?

How will I navigate all my self doubts
When I come to Mt Hopeless will I hear myself shout?
"of course you can make it, just make the right choice"!!
Will the winds of confusion drown out the 'true' voice?

The snow it is falling, the 'ego' is calling
It's message is clear, "you'll be safe with me here"
It wants me to sleep, it wants me to dream
Symbiotic it is, for inside me it schemes

I have to move forwards, keep going I must
For to face Mt Depression, in myself I must trust
All of these mountains, are constantly here
And daily we climb them, especially Mt Fear!

If only we realized, just opened our eyes
We would see very clearly,it would be no surprise
The journey of life is a long hard climb
And love can move mountains, but....
It's Self-Love we must find.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2010
About this poem:
Written during a time of self-reflection in Nov 07.

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Comments (3)

Fern, wonderful mt climbing :) i love it!banana
Couldn't agree more, wise encouragement...
for u can not love someone else, if u don't urself! how true applause
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