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streets of vienna

I was born in the womb of the beast
night and mist dreamer ,obscure artist
child of philosophers and butchers
walzing Streets of vienna, my brothers...
illegitimate son of a broken cross
iron spirit running at a loss
deconsecrated saints and ancients
frenzied Streets of vienna,friends...
jesus you've lost your boots
mine,are full of guts and roots
mozart playing drums and fears
skinheads stridency,fire and tears
decayed carcass,brown skies and flies
freezing Streets of vienna,guys ...
I was born in the rotten of souls
walls,forgetful of laws and rules
austrian wolf and vegan
vagrant,sentimental orphan
identitary raven party above
bewitched streets of vienna, love....
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2015
About this poem:
akasha records...

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Comments (3)

F;;king awesome piece, you can write bloke....a real joy to read......David......
Very informative poem about the land you were born
I like the way you weave your magic in the poem
interesting twist in your words 'mozart playing drums'?
sjenaonline today!
a kind of denatured Mozart...thanks bard and soul !
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