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Where were you when I needed you
Were you on a one night stand
Did you think for a moment or two
Did you think this could stand

Well you can fake it if you want too
Tell me every lie that you can
All I know from my point its true
I will never trust you man

So did you start to feel a little blue
Even after I was gone well can you feel
The pain what is it telling you
Now you feel guilty whats wrong

Well can you take it like a real man
Are you missing me all the time
Its you're fault that you're on you're own
No more excuses this time

So now you need me what are you gonna do
You better get down on your knees
You can beg me to forgive you
Only if I hear the word please!

I can't take it any longer
To put my trust back in you man!
Well you can send me a sorry letter
Or a choclate heart that melts in my hand

Its all over you're love affair
You better not be going back there
Cause if you do I will come after you
You'll never wish you were born I swear

Is she you're woman
Is she the best you could find
Can she make you so very happy
Does she have a big heart like mine

Unlike you I'm not feeling sad
Cause you broke every rule that we've had
So when you're missing me and I'm not around
I hope that makes you feel mad!

I gave you so many chances
Gave you everything in my life
But for reasons that can't be told
You missed you're shot on a good wife!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2010
About this poem:
i wrote this from a womans perspective,so girls please give me some brownie points for this,i tried my best,remember...i'm from mars,you're from venus!!!

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