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Man of My Dreams

I had a dream
When I was small
I’d watch it play out
Against the wall

Though he came
As if a stranger
There never was
A lasting danger

Excitement then
He did invoke
And when he left
My heart was broke

The dreams they left
With childish pace
No more did I set
My eyes on his face

Now I’m grown
Those years long gone
Wisdom replaces
Fantasies of young

But in the dark
I lie down and smile
And dream of him
For a little while

My mind is open
My body awake
I give in to the touch
It’s his to take

So is it a dream
When touch is real
This tenderness
He makes me feel

Fantasy or Real
This man of the dark
I’ll see him again
In dreams I embark
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2015

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Comments (5)

Abby1963online today!
Lovely poem I enjoyed reading it wine
TU CloudySky for sharing your dream Joe
nice dream, but with reality - I'm glad you are back. studecarhug
Nice piece !
very engrossing popcorn
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