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The 3 L's

I'll shed a tear for you
For in your presence
I felt at home
Your laugh was honest
And rich with life
Your gregarious nature
Showed no fear
But you treated people
With respect
A wicked sense of humour
Wrapped your soul
As did the anguish
In your heart
Extreme was an understatement
You lived as there was
No tomorrow
Everyday a recovery
From the night before
But also a starting
Of a new party
You laughed
You loved
You lived
God bless you.......
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2015
About this poem:
For ex's younger sister a very ill girl ....too young to be knocking........

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Comments (4)

trurorobonline today!
Good read on a sad subject, but shows that life is for living.
Hi Rob ....Thanks mate ......There are so many people who have that infectious personality that you feel so comfortable with but usually there is a dark side they try to mask.......ever since this girl was hit by a bus around the age of ten her personality changed .......thanks regards Nu grin
Hi Nu, A difficult subject to write on, even more so when it is about a family member, though you have showed a tremendous depth of love, feeling and understanding here. I hope you will be able to find the space also to find some happiness in the sad side this year....
Kindest regards,
Hi Andrew .....Thanks for your kind words .......much appreciated .....Regards Nucheers
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