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Let your mind soar

Far away, over the clouds

Into the unknown


So alone

Peace I seek

And peace I found.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 22, 2015
About this poem:
Just dropping by.

Thanks all for your reads.

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Comments (7)

  • 48jojo
    48jojo Jan 2015 somewhere, Minnesota USA
    Hi P thanks for visiting this more peaceful poets corner and we all seek more peace in our lives. Nice thoughts and write.
  • Poetnumber1
    Poetnumber1 Jan 2015 St James, Trinidad and Tobago
    Very nice dear Phyllis. Its nice to see you posting since I don't be around here regularly either. Salutations, hope all is well. hug
  • beautifulyouHidden Profile
    beautifulyouHidden Profile Jan 2015 New York, USA
    beautiful, phyllis rose
  • soulgoddess
    soulgoddess Mar 2015 Tokyo, Japan
    hug thumbs up angel2

    B E A U T I F U L rose
  • lindsyjones
    lindsyjonesOP Apr 25 unknown, California USA
    Thanks Soul.teddybear
  • Happychatty1
    Happychatty1 Apr 25 ....., Lancashire, England UK
    Sweet poem Lindsy peace
  • godsprincess
    godsprincess Apr 25 Owego, New York USA
    Very well written Lindsay - you took me there over the clouds into the unknown. Thanks - needed that today.

    Kathy teddybear
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