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Stage magicians?
Most just learn tricks of the trade,
Illusions to fool the mind, are all that’s made,
And for those that say true magic doesn’t exist,
Let the non-believers be with their disillusions,
Their doubts will always persist.
Look deeper... Not at the stage magicians harmless lie,
Past that……Look at the young face filled with joy,
The wide smile on their lips....The twinkle in their eye…..
And for those that never look that far, who have never seen,
That’s tragic!
For they have missed in that short moment,
True Magic!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2015
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Comments (8)

hey there Andrew,
who you callin' a 'nonbeliever'? boxing


thanks for your sharing hon!
true magic is that i can't even see my own pics... dunno
how do i make the pics bigger?
Hi BY.....Not You!.....hahahaha.....Good to see you too!.....Andrew...xxxcool
Andrew...the magic that surrounds us everyday...can be the one that touches us the greatest. A touching write my friend. Glad to see you posting again.hug
Hi Lara, I am very sorry but I can't help you with that....Hope you liked the poem though.....Andrew
Hi Jaz....So good to see you, you are right as usual hey....though it is something that is easily taken for granted....Andrew...xxxcool
Oops! :duh: Sorry for not commenting on ur poem.
I did enjoyed it. cheers
Keep 'em coming Andy ;)
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