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my loneliness

i wonder through the darken sky just to see life as it passes me by to find a friend for me gentle as rain does fall pure as a test of time i walk alone scared to say anything im sorry for my loneliness if im gone i just want to be missed i wonder through red stars and dreams looking for my happiness where will i go when theres no one left for me i want to die sometimes just to not feel this bad my heart will stay silent for i am the only one in my loneliness
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2010

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Comments (2)

Lovely poem. I can feel your sadness. This is one of your best. Thanks for sharing.
Hi, john0217,
Life IS. Here's wishing everyone a friend for me gentle as rain. What a nourishingly sweet line. On the other hand, missing someone is never as good as enjoying them.
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