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Lost is Love

My heart never rests
Beating in my chest
A rhythm old as time
Does love always wait
Searching for those traits
It can never find
My eyes search for you
Please only for a clue
Convince my skeptic mind
Long my lonely soul aches
Dreaming as it awakes
What is lost in my mind
My body starts to shake
An internal earthquake
So much trouble entwined
Were it not so true
Glaring into seas so blue
Will make me go blind
At last I have to sigh
With no tears left to cry
A loneliness resigned
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2015
About this poem:
Nothing unusual

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Comments (11)

Heartfelt poem I'm sure she will come to you soon comfort
My Mother used to say there was a Jack for every Jill, I'm sure you will find your Jill. Love comes a knocking, when we are not looking. Lovely poem.
Hi Yankee

A very lonesome poem indeed...I can relate to the endless haunting sense of yearning love in this heartfelt write!!
One good thing we all know...Love is Regal, love is Right, love is Real.

It is Trust that is Lost.. on every level of Love, just my opinion of coursehug

Faith in others
Faith in ourselves.

How will we ever know unless we can take the rough with the smooth!
I believe in my in own heartbeat when it comes to never lies!!
Thank you for sharing this wonderful poem.

Martina xxxteddybear hug bouquet
With such sadness and yet power, Yankee

May your beautiful heart find deep rest rose
Good stuff Chris. Even in sadness there is beauty. Salutations cheers
wow did you read my hearts mind? rolling on the floor laughing I'm sure you will find love and I bet it is probably closer to you then you think , we seem to always look far away rather then looking at what is standing in front of us.
Yankee4youonline today!
Martina (RaptureCapture), Where have you gone???? hug hug
southmiami4321online today!
The deep blue see is endless. It's color changes from sunrise to sunset. It's beauty captures our lonely hearts but don't feel despair. Out there someone will be watching you to touch your heart.
Deep feelings written with passion. Thanks for sharing. SM
niah9online today!
Yankee....this a beautiful poem that could only have come from the heart...Kathyteddybear
I like so many others can relate to this emotive poem

It's said the it's 'Better to have loved and lost than never loved at all ' can break us or make us and certainly teach us , it is a gift that comes in many disguises too and often when we least expect it to renew our mind heal our wounds bring joy and hope and restore our faith in humankind
The great thing is that people of all ages find love is no respector of race or age...there is always hope :)
Yankee4youonline today!
Yes Always hope for people who who believe.
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