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.....My name is paisley i am almost a year old. I had been a family pet until they decided i was to big for that. My family put me in the back of their their truck we started a long journey to get to the circus. I was told we were going there to visit. When we got there they let me out and told me to go into the tent. When i got into the tent they took off leaving me all alone. I went int the tent laid down in the middle of the ring where i cried myself to sleep.
.....Paisley was startled in the morning when people came in the tent. She started running around hysterically. The ring master called for Ellie; a 4 year old elephant, Daisy; her little sister elephant, Mijal the elephant trainer. Meanwhile they tried to calm her down, but it was no use. Then Ellie walked in with Mijal on her back and daisy trailing behind her. Paisley ran over to them as they entered she wanted to know who they were. Mijal got down off Ellie. He rubbed paisley trunk then offered her some peanuts from Ellie's pouch. It calmed her down. Ellie told her to come get breakfast as Mijal would make her something to eat. Ellie had Paisley grab her tail and led her to their tent as Daisy picked up the rear with Mijal.
.....They finished eating then decided to introduce Paisley to all the other animals. They skipped off out of the tent towards the watering whole. Ellie dropped the ball onto the ground and they played until they were told it was time to practice. Mijal brought the tools out for the tricks. They headed into the field to practice. Daisy and Ellie showed Paisley how to do the ring toss. Ellie tried to toss the rings to Paisley to catch them, but she just was any good at these tricks. They decided to do the ball trick. Paisley could not balance the ball and bounce it both. She was getting frustrated as she could not do it. Mijal called lunch time. Everyone got there food then sat down. After lunch Paisley asked if she could show them what she liked to do.
.....She asked Ellie to put on slow soft music. Paisley got up and headed to the field. The music started. She lifted off the ground and into the air as she twirled very elegantly. She landed so softly to the floor like a feather. she spun around then jumped up in the air twirled around again and like a feather settled on the ground. She finished her dance with a one hand stand into a somersault. She pushed herself up to her feet as the music ended. Everyone had been watching her. They all started clapping as they came towards her to welcome her to the family. Mijal looked at paisley with eyes of a delighted father. He turned to Paisley, would you like to start the show tonight. She looked at him and said a very joyful yes. She then walked around hugging everyone and thanking them for letting her into their family. Paisley was happy she had found a new home.
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Posted: Feb 2015
About this poem:
This is a children's book i wrote please leave me feedback

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