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Ah....Sweet Youth part 2

on the day of the party, I went to an art show
held on the grounds of the courthouse square
my eyes were captured by a young girl displaying
her talent of painting (I loved her blonde hair)
here was a beauty in the sunshine of April
and me still quite groggy from eves play before
suffice it to say, all caution had left me
we arranged for later to meet at my door

now, remember, we had two separate apartments
the women in one, and the gents, in the other
but when nightfall approached, you'd find us to scramble
with bedding for all and with lover with lover

before party's guests e'er were to arrive
fair maiden artist appeared at my door
through threshold in beauty she crossed, til
we found ourselves in my room on the floor
once she was there, I had planned to leave
go to my neighborhood, be with friends I'd unfurl
but by that time the place started filling up
with all manner of strangers (mostly girls!)
it sure didn't help that the alcohol
and other potency substances grown
would cause our delay (could not get away)
of the revellers celebrating a new home
but I sure as heck wanted out of there
before the arrival of my girlfriend, Joan
came a knock at the door, must be her I was sure
I moaned and on top that I groaned
with door chain in place, I turned the handle
so as I could give myself a peek
the door was kicked in, I was flat on my back
dizzying motion made me go weak
loaded revolvers were stuck in my face
room was awhirl with police, don't resist
amazingly time had frozen in place
as they screamed hands up, cease, and desist

they had warrants naming space Bob and crazy Red
for sales of narcotics well known
as I lay on the floor, came a knock on the door
the cops welcomed in Betty and Joan
lo and behold
the two girls were told
there were warrants here of their own

so they hauled us all away to jail
we were being processed in one big room
guys on one side, girls on the other
I felt the pressure of impending doom

as luck would have it, and mine was bad
and right now it was about to get worse
for in clear view of Joanie's sharp eyes
another shock was about to take course

my teen artist angel walked across the room
and tenderly wrapped her arms around me
she said "don't worry babe, it'll be all right,
everything will be okay, you'll see"

her touch felt great but all that I saw
were the daggers in Joanie's eyes
as they pierced deep into my psyche
useless for me to feign disguise

I suppose that I must accept, that there was no one else to blame
charged with "maintaining a disorderly house"
because the apartment utilities had been put in my name
for a long time after, I felt like a louse

oh, here's a little endnote
yet another surprise not seen
my sweet painter artist angel
was the ripe age of...14
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2010

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Comments (10)

sorry for the coarse nature of this. no time for polish. maybe I'll fix it later....hedi
trurorobonline today!
Hey, you have done some reminiscing lately, great stories!!, read both parts with interest, pretty much all had one of those flats!!! in the sixties and seventies!.
i think i was there...maybe...
of course you were, no one could ever forget...what was it now? oh yeah, standing on your head with a waterpipe lead in your mouth, puffin' away.
Wow,You had one crazy household.
What happened to your young Artist friend?
What happened to poor Joanie?
To be continued maybe?
this occured in the second chapter of my life. I'm now in my eigth, and have lived far away from there going on forty years. thanks for your remarks. I have been enjoying your poetry. thanks!
oh wow...great experiences and stories hedistuff! wow
sharing this with new readers....
I and here was me thinking I was the one with a dodgy past roll eyes

thanks for sharing american...comfort bouquet
you do realize you're going straight to hell, dont you? just kidding, just kidding, what a yarn, truly, truth is sooo often stranger than fiction, i'm sure glad you dug this out and posted again, we got to know you a little better, what price can one put on that? banana
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