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hmm, thoughts

A million feelings racing through my mind
I think of the future and the past and when i was a child
Running free, running wild, not a care in the world.
But things change, we all change and as i grew older i found out this world is not meant for the weak
it is meant for hearts that are strong despite failed marriages and defeat, sadness, battles and loss of the ones you love
Hearts that in the face of adversities, have the strength and the will power,enough to carry on.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2010
About this poem:
I was reading the top of this site and saw where it said write your own poetry so as i was sitting here 5 minutes ago, i jotted this down. thats all,.

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Both the poem and the afterthought make a worthwhile read. Reminded me of one of my own lines: Practice makes perfect wanna-be's; spontaniety makes the hits!
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by Unknown
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