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No one knows this world that I live in
It’s like an Olympic race that never ends
you run as hard and fast as you can, but without a finish line
how do you keep going? how do you suppose YOU WILL win?
In my life I HAVE seen better and I have seen worst
At times I’ve felted blessed, sometimes I’ve felt cursed
I have been told “things will change It’s just not your time”
But those words hold no content, in my frame of mind
I had hope so I PRAYED, I begged and I cried
now I’ve exhausted all possibilities and I’m tired
I don’t know what to DO, NOT now, not anymore
so I wander AIMLESSLY, looking for a way out, a door
some SAY, THAT I’M just going thru a season
I say, my life is pure madness without a reason
No one knows this world that I live IN, I’m lost at sea
Floating in the middle of nowhere, AN INEVITABLE casualty

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2009
About this poem:
i was just having one of those days where nothing seems to go right no matter how hard you. One of those days where everyones suddenly had "great" advice and it all went in one ear in out the other. lol

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Comments (7)

I enjoyed your poem. Your words are well writen. I hope your day, week, etc. has improved. Keep sharing. Bless You. Peace and Hugs!
I've been writing for a long time, but this is the first time I've ever posted and/or shared, I am glad you enjoyed it knowing that will encourage me to share more
Thank you Courage
that was nice, sad though. one of those giant waves that you know will eventually break on you, hey. hope you find a surf board, or at very least a boogiecheering
Thank you NJord
great feeling expressed in intensity.
thumbs up applause
Thank you Fareaway
Thank you Fareaway
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