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~Gunpowder an Glory~

it was a peaceful place the most ya ever got was a fat lip a bike stole or an egg at the house. Clear rock goes up in smoke as reality delves into clustered haze. Where ego's soar on mindless flight as the trigger rests in full squeeze tight. At the end of the steel fell out of sight. Gunpowder an Glory stilled the night, another life fallen another life fight's~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2010
About this poem:
it used to be so quiet around here an the past couple of months it's been crazy with murders. Remembering the fallen.

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Comments (8)

trurorobonline now!
Yes Jon, sometimes we think the whole world has gone mad!!
Very nice poem. Even kinder of you to remember those who are gone.
Bentlee - love the line "Where ego's soar on mindless flight as the trigger rests in full squeeze tight." Many different ways to read this poem...very cool!cool
Bentleeonline today!
Ty Rob for yours true thoughts, we can only hope it does get better :)
Seems so senseless. What ever happened to
a good old fashioned arm wrestle or coin
toss to settle things. The world in chaos!thumbs up angel
Bentleeonline today!
Thanks pink, it's a bit of a small town where people pull together, vigil's support systems funds set up etc. Ty for your words.
Bentleeonline today!
ty Jazzy, in that line it's what I've seen an heard on the streets here when the rock's smoked. Sad to see but is a choice eh for some ty my friend for your comment.
Bentleeonline today!
So true eh boysh or even duke'n it out instead. Thanks for your comment.
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