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Squirrel's Song

Why do you lie there, fur, blood, and bones?
I guess you didn't run fast enough home.
Thought that you could out-run a Jetta.
Thought you could cheat death; but, death would let ya.

So, sad is the forest that knew your name,
sad are your squirrel babies that will never see you again;
but, let them know you did not die in vane.
No, you died in the break-down lane.

Soon will come a man, with a scoop and a box,
and scrape your squirrel carcass off the hot, black rock,
and pull down the eye lids on your little squirrel face,
and lay you to rest in a better place.

Now I know why you lie there, flattened on your back,
with your smile in the shape of a tire track.
So, I say a prayer for the squirrel that I mourn,
that heaven is filled with a bunch of 8-corns.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2010
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Comments (7)

poor little squirrel and her babies!!! SAD...::wave
I know, I really pondered this while I waited for the guy to come and pick up the body. And just so ya'll know, I didn't hit the squirrel, and I don't know who did, but I'm fairly sure that it didn't die with any pain. I mean, it maybe was like "oh shit, a BMW on it's way to a Barmitsfa!", but, I mean, it's head was crush in. Unless some jack a** duct-taped it to the road and rolled over it with steam roller, I'm pretty sure Dr. Kevorkian wouldn't approve. Plus, it still looked cute, even with a flat bloody face!
Admire the sentiment.angel thumbs up angel
Very descriptive...nicely penned!applause
There's an image I prefer not to hold in my head. Have you ever seen a real live baby squirrel?? They are so beautiful.. handshake
Macabre, but a nice eulogy to a furry friend...
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