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~I'm a quiet man~

With a whole lot to say
At the bottom of that ballot
Was a box for an X.

Yet you studdered in pen
What you needed to say.

Look around you it's real
Beyond media hype!

Genial circus
With membership growth!

Self imposed blinders
Keeping it calm!

The future is yours
Yet in shadow you lurk!

My God can't you see
What's inside of that train
It keeps passing by
As each ticket is sold!

All future resides on our words being said
Yet, you curl up in a corner ingesting the news!
While it floats on by your reasonable mind.

Diversion attraction call it what you may
You're are part of the price the future must PAY!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2015
About this poem:
What say you to this!I believe most people will shy away from a reply here, because of being afraid to speak out against what's in front of them. So it go'es to show that fear tactics work. I believe I'm here for a reason, not too sure what that reason is, but I'll not let fear interupt what I feel needs to be said.

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It's time to pull up the big boy pant's
and get rid of that brick that keep's
pounding your head!
Hey Bentlee, related to your poem tonight. Fear is an immobilizer for sure. Why do we continue to allow it so much room in our lives? Face it head on and life is much happier...especially when unrelated to the past. Be present and the fear can be seen for where it originates.

Happy to stop by and read your work as always. Hope all is well with you. hug
Hi Jazz, always a pleasure to see you my friend. I as do you only wish the masse's would wake up, as from this day and all the next one's it only continues to grow when there's no opposition!

Cheers my friend, hug hug wine
Hi Bentlee,

The media and news are a diversion created by The Collective and the collective is made up of individuals. As each human being truly and deeply begins to attend to his or her own inner state -that is to say Awaken- the media and 'news' as we know it now will fall away.

Indeed, we can ask (or easily focus on) what other people are or are not doing in reference to the future and yet, the most important question that any of us can pose is "what am I doing to attend to my inner state of being?"

That question, in my experience, is the most significant question to be asked for it then requires an active response from every individual willing to ask it.

Taking full responsibility goes a long way to realizing that happiness inside. angel

Good to see you both online!! .....So glad we could connect tonight.hug teddybear
Very nice reply BeautU. The question you strongly bring forth truly helps create who we are when it's answered in truth and kept close to heart. In that part of us, that's what will not help decide, but will decide the way our future will travel. I truly can't say in a formal belief that the mass can honestly put my mind to rest that they will stand up and take back the rights that need be! I so want to see that day, that's when the flag finds full mast!hug wine
Jazzy you've hit the nail on the head.

Taking full responsibility is key.

Always good to see you online, those times seem pretty slim these days. Glad ur well my friend, hugs.
They know the price of everything but the value of nothing...Oscar Wilde.... great poem Bentlee
fantastic poem head banger .
Hi again, Bentlee

I cannot and do not share in reference to ..taking back rights, or of any national flag, per se. Having said that, yes, it's true.. you cannot rely on anything or anyone outside yourself (the mass) to put your mind to rest (in any way).... only you can do that.

Only you can {quite literally} put your mind to rest. Only you can rely on yourself to dare to spiritually go within so as to deeply assist in bringing about deep and lasting change, within yourself first. It is the same for all... When I change my inner world, the outer world follows as a direct reflection of my inner state.

You and I and all can only be responsible for our individual inner state and then, and then, our world changes! Our greatest distraction then seems any focusing outside that responsibility… any focusing on someone else's inner state… is 'focusing on anyone else’s inner state but, my own!'.

Spinozza, great reply you posted, ty, cheers
Hi Morgen, ty for your reply, I think you see my point too, cheers
beautyou, you have a way with words that when a person first reads it they may not understand the meaning set forth in your message. Yet I'm sure when they have read it with pure mind the second or tenth time etc, they'll grasp the power in the words related. That's my opinion that I want to grab hold of and continue to believe that the way out can only be found within. hug wine wine
southmiami4321online now!
Bentlee. nicely written. This poem needs an update for now we need it. SM
Dan_777online today!
Wow..I see a treasure has been buried and now coming up to the surface.

How nice..Bent..
For a quiet one, you do know how to paint a picture. smile
ReaderOfSoulsonline today!
Howdy Bentlee cowboy

This work is quite thought provoking. wine We can choose to let fear override us, or we can push through it to the other side.It all boils down to what you let eat you up or what you choose to do about it. I deal with death threats daily because of my profession and for daring to get justice for those who need it. I can't and don't live in fear because honestly, life's much too short to deal with that sort of thing. Keep pushing' on and you'll find lots of support and may just find yourself stronger on the other side. :-) Just my 2 cents. cowboy
lovecanberealonline today!
Good on you mate....thumbs up
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