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A Song of Spring

Still wintery is my mood
When the sun does not
Keep its promise
And the wind wisps
My long grey hair
Thoughts like snow
Fill my footprints
Fast with drifting snow
Long did the nights last
So the chill on my face
Melting like a glacial thaw
So do my eyes flicker
As each drop taps out
The hollow sound of water
Still running fast
Gurgling under the thin ice
So does spring rage
So willingly like a robin
Searching for sticks and straw
Maybe even an old piece
Of yarn or ribbon
A brightly colored yellow
Be patterned in her nest
She weaves so cheerfully
Happy to be alive and busy
With a purpose watching her
Perched above her morning rest
Her mate sings a throated chortle
Such splendid notes
Out of his throat
Is a song of Spring.

(c) Yankee4you 2015
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2015
About this poem:
Just a little rumbling about spring which will eventually get here I hope....

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Comments (8)

hi there Yankee wave
old man winter is giving his last hurrah
.. it snows here tomorrow and then I think
that's the last of him for awhile

hopefully then 'the sun will keep its promise'

ty for your song of spring
Yankee4youonline today!
Thank you !! It's hard to realize is still mid-march and in this part of the world technically still winter after the last 90 days we've had of 'arctic-like' conditions. No breaks for the weary hearted....but it sure is going to be a beautiful spring!! Nothing comes close to New England in the spring!!
Yankee...Spring,it will arrive as we know in its own time...but what an amazing transformation to see! Like the world is giving a party to celebrate Winter's leaving......most of us are ready for this type of goodbye, aren't we? Let's open those windows, breathe the freshness of warmer Spring days and hear the birds singing...their "Song of Spring". daisy happy place
yankee4you,I really like your style, a million light years away from mind, which reflects the different style of each generation.
Well written
Hey Yankee.......... Really enjoyed the way you captured your thoughts and portrayed them with ink...........great write .............regards Nu cheers
Yankee4youonline today!
Avias.... That would be some party for sure.... wine
Yankee4youonline today!
Phil.... Thank you most kindly for your support!
Yankee4youonline today!
Hey NU Thanks for the read......
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