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Melodramatic Compulsion

Melodramatic Compulsion

Shallow placid strokes, relaxed and unaware
She is beautiful, wet and alluring
She awaits the Unsuspecting

Snug in a plastic cradle…confident
Lulled with secure ignorance, so blissful

Suspended boughs clung with grass and leaves, like Spanish moss
A lingering memory of her rage and ferocity
Now soothingly caressed by her fluid movements

Reflected in her, a mirrored beauty of her surroundings
A damsel dance, as basking painted shells slip beneath her shimmering sunlight vale

A Pileated song, as Swallows kiss the turbid stained tannins while sipping sulphurs
An occasional ripple radiates from beneath her as silver mail reflects the waning sunlight

Fickle is she-- so ever-changing; overturned by her mutable touch
In an instant, the cradle now submerged and suffocated by her
The Unsuspecting clambers upon slimy rocks

More cautious now, a lesson learned
Wide eyed, the contour or her curves followed
Deeper strokes more deliberate
She writhes, bucks, and heaves

Heart pounding… deeper strokes… faster now
Rocking, twisting, white noise
Thrusting, almost there… the climax!

She slows-- strokes more gentle
Torrid sweat grinning
She convulses slow and rhythmic
Concurred, she subsides

She is beautiful, wet and alluring
Excitement, danger
To be with her again
I am compelled.

Carlos Kinosian
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2010
About this poem:
Water is fickle like a women; beautiful, mutable and alluring.

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