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from the shadows

Staring from the shadows with dark and soulless eyes
is a beast silently stirring to gaze upon his prize
such a lovely maiden with skin so pale and fare
eyes as blue as sapphires and copper colored hair
her breast so gently rising with each and every breath
her heart beating quite rapidly deep inside her chest.
Closer does she come to him enjoying her stroll
but danger lurks among the shadows and she doesn't even know
hungrily he watches her eagerly does he await
his lust constantly building for her blood he will soon taste
so soon she will be close enough so time he best not waste.
Finally the time is right and from the shadows he does rise
and she stare's with sudden fear into a vampires evil eyes
frozen where she's standing completely paralyzed with fear
her body starts to tremor and from her eye does fall a tear
so slowly he approach's fore he does not wish to waste
the tantalizing taste of fear or the terror upon her face.
Finally he clutch's her, his hand stroking her copper hair
a beauty such as this it is a prize so rare
defiling her must be done with the utmost care ,
she must be degraded filled with fear and torn apart
but upon her skin he must not leave one single mark
her will it must be broken and made into his own
and her blood must all be drained replaced with much of his own .
Her life will end this night and then begin a new
all I have to do is bite there is nothing she can do
shaking in her terror as he he turns her head aside
exposing her lovely neck her vein pulsing deep inside
his mouth begins to open his fangs so long and sharp
and deep he bites into the flesh the ecstasy begun.
Her heartbeat slowly fading then stopping in her chest
the fate this maiden will suffer now is so much worse then death.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2010
About this poem:
This is a vampire poem I write a lot of poems and short stories a lot of which are vampire poems I have over 150 writes online I hope you like these

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