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Shadows on the Cobblestones

Shadows on the cobblestones

Irregular shaped and fable worn
Dark secrets protrude like broken bones
Shadows on the cobblestones

The billy slaps a rhythm on his palm as he walks the Bobbies beat
While the reflections of the gas lanterns flicker
Fogged shapes in the pale light; dark upon the cobblestones

Hooves and wooden carriage wheels chase the crag
Burdened by the wayfarer
Clip, clop, creek, wear the cobblestones

Top hats of beaver, fine cloth and feathers
Silver tipped canes clack in-time with an aloof gate
From spent pipes the dottle drops upon the cobblestones

Tormented fingertips protrude from shabby gloves
Wet wool stench from ragged blankets
These; now long bereft of greater sires
Tin cupped figures huddle on the cold wet of the cobblestones

“Good evening Sir”; mutters a shameful voice, “Can you spare a pense Sir”?
The down turned mouth of contempt panders bye
O tight is the purse strings of noses high
Rarely heard, ever a pittance falls upon the cobblestones

Dark circled eyes, like soot stained memories upon aged brick
Her cloth is poor, hollow cheeks voice a cockney murmur
“Are you in need of some company love”?

A rotten toothed grin, he is loathsome and degrading
“What can I get for a shilling”?
Her tattered plaid indignity pulled above her bruised knees
She opens the door reluctant¬--
Her eyes cast down among the shadow on the cobblestones.

Carlos Kinosian
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2010
About this poem:
Walking in London along the Thames River

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