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White columns frame the warm brilliance
as mahogany creeks beneath curves feet
roasted coffee warms the pallet and excites the nose
warm muffins and butter sweet

billowing white smoke exhaled, lingers overhead
the scented richness that a distant soil sends
the subtle groan of giants echo as they gently sway
while the familiar cold hand of winter wanes

natures song flourishes upon wings
the essence of life carried with it
welcomed by earths fertile warmth
in a 40 year slumber you might miss it

squinted eyes ponder this restoration of courted harmony
while heavy hearts are lifted by sunlight’s kiss
deaf to those who cannot hear
and blind to those who are selfish

then- this resounding realization
that strikes with a calm blow
all to often absorbed by unimportance
to love the things that grow

this awakening resonates a lingering memory of what once was
now coddled by good fortune and her!

Carlos Kinosian
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2010

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