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Send me an angel
I wont try and change her life
I just want to be in hers
That would do more than suffice

I just want to meet her
In all her white glory
Listen to her dreams
Please tell me your story

I want to place my hand
Gently along her face
To feel the ruffles of white satin
You're my angel wearing sheer lace

I've wanted you for so so long
Dreams of holding you in my arms
I'm always there for you
To protect and keep you from harm

You've answered my prayer now
I'll never let you go
Run away when I'm scared
My angels bright brilliant glow

Please take me with you
To your secret quiet place
Where we can make love
Until we're both red in the face

I want to hold you forever
Treat you so nice
Wrap my arms around you
I wont think of it twice

Promise me one thing
That you'll never fly away
Let me clip off those wings
You're mine and here you will stay

You make me so happy
We both laugh til we cry
I'm a better man because of you
You always take me to the sky

Send me an angel
You fulfilled my request
You passed with flying colors
Just place your head on my chest
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2010
About this poem:
i seem to write many of these,but when your single,what else is there really on your mind?....i write these for everyone,that struggles to find that special someone...maybe someday are luck will change.

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Comments (5)

Awww... Sweet! kiss smitten love
Cute,really cute,send me an angel do need one to ease my pain & bring back again.thumbs up teddybear
trurorobonline today!
send me a Dragon!!, hell at least its something!!
okay rob,i'll send you a dragon,let me see what i can think up,for the awesome lookin girls that left a comment,...yeah i know what you're thinkin....this guy dreams way too much!!! no really...if you think i'm to good to be true..e-mail me,i promise i wont bite.cheers teddybear lips
A Dragon for me too!!!!
I want that something!!!
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