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fly fly fly

Fly fly fly away
a broken wing
falling falling falling
Out of the sky
fly fly fly
don't be denied
Falling falling falling
out of the sky
sing sing
sing in the wind
Falling falling falling
don't you dare die
Fly fly fly
As the wind
Blows through the sun's rays
I tried I tried I tried
To mend your
broken wing
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2015

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Comments (4)

My my my, what a pleasant surprise to read and see you my brother.

Remember me? You're old sister Windy Weatherly?

I hope you're not giving up on trying for more Kick.
Hell Windy
of course I remember you, as I do everybody that use to be here.. I may post again, just have to see gow it works out..still am driving trucks..nice to see old friends again.

hi hon, it's good to see you
your beautiful poem reminds me of a quote from The Talmud... "Every blade of grass has an angel that bends over it and whispers, Grow! Grow!"

hope you're well and enjoying the spring teddybear
Lovely poem Mike, it reminds me of fledgling birds taink their firs flight, so often the poor little things come to grief. purple heart
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