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Ellusive Love

If mine eye's could look upon you're defined and handsome face

If mine eye's could only see, the world of beauty ahead of us,

If mine eye's could only hold you close and feel your warmth,

If mine eye's could find you near and hold your heart,

If mine eye's could show the words my heart wants to say,

If my arm's could reach you now, then I'd know you,

If my arm's could wrap around you tenderly,

If my arm's could rock you apon my breast,

If my lips could kiss you, then I'd know my desires,

If my lips could whisper, I love you, then I'd know you're real,

If OUR bodies could lay as one, then I'd know my future is where it should be,

If OUR souls can join, then I'd know it's YOU,

If ONE day you come, then all this and more shall be your's my ELLUSIVE LOVE.....
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2010
About this poem:
Random Thoughts of my Lonely Heart....

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Comments (13)

bouquet bouquet bouquet bouquet bouquet bouquet bouquet bouquet bouquet bouquet bouquet
trurorobonline today!
Smells like a good poem to me!!
Hi Rob, you found me blushing
not many read poems sigh I always have a look
Very well connected for "random thoughts"
TY for angel thumbs up
My first poem on CS your welcome sad flower
if only, if only. very nice lines lady, tenderly wanting. Great.
it's kindo like an observation of LDR's i really like it, thanks for sharing..cheering cheering
Lovely poetry teddybear
Think it suits you to be in the poetry sectionhug
I always admire people who possess ability of put their thoughts into the words.Keep up with good work!applause cheering
thanks tomboygirl, I used to write allot more, still trying to get back into it

That is truly romantic...thanks
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by sweetlyscented1 (3 Poems)
on Mar 2010
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