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tossing stones off the edge

read the fine print
of love's disclaimer

the guarantee's not binding
this unrequited tablet states

selfishness laid waste we
make plain the towering high

if you don't want dissent
then don't scale the Rockies

but oh, what a view and
breeze the wide open skies

squinting an endless vision
horizons distant panorama

gaze upon the craggy face
see the furrow of my brow

there's a glint of light,
a fleck of shine in your iris

the devastation of love
beckons us both to the ledge

the jumping off point where
there's no turning back

© agoodguy2have 2010-03-21
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2010

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Comments (5)

another great metaphoric observation...thanks
"there's a glint of light, a fleck of shine in your iris; the devastation of love beckons us both to the ledge" beautiful phraseology as usual, and unusual, great, thanks
You have such a way with words. I enjoyed this one. T/Y.
Cool response and perspective!applause
Wonderful words and phrases. TY
angel thumbs up angel applause
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