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~Lights go dim~

Like a silent movie
That old chattering screen
Frame by frame
Memories together with
New times rolling past.

~lights can dim at any moment of time~

That canoe on the lake
Paddling through fog
A faint silhouette
Back of the hand
Silent in wave.

At times perhaps, while deep in your thoughts
You wish
You'd offered more
Of what and why you didn't give~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2015
About this poem:
Written for a good friend who's life drastically changed last saturday morning. Good friends and simple trust is so hard to attain these days......! Wishing you all the best and as many prayers as it takes to help see you through this Mike. Mike is one of the best psychiatrist's here in Ontario and has spent most of his life helping everyone else. Please keep him in your prayers. Ty.

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Comments (5)

thanks for this offering,
bentlee rose
Bentleeonline today!
ty BeautifulYou, for your thoughts. I finally was able to visit Mike today, had a wonderful visit. I'll tell you this man is not in the least ready to go down. A major heart attack, quad bypass, four stints, arteries from his legs and a stroke on top of it all. Yet today he was sitting up in his bed with some help from me and not wired to anything. Lol and what does he ask for.........a coffee lol. He's showing no signs of the stroke. Ty. hug wine
Bentleeonline today!
When you have a good friend in life that you can trust and count on, let them know it. You never know when that friendship will go away. Just sayin.................
godsprincessonline today!
I understand. Will pray for your friend Mike. I loss a dear friend 3 years ago April 10th and I had written a tribute to her too that I posted on here. As your friend would probably say - it is therapeutic to write down your feelings, frustration and pain plus sharing it with others. You are a good friend. Take care. hug

Kathy teddybear
Bentleeonline today!
Hi Kathy, ty for your kind words and thoughts, I like to be able to count good friends on one hand, and yes you are right I am a good friend and stand proud for my friends whom I choose wisely. hug wine
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