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And lunacy reigns supreme...

At first only a hint of it is perceived,
Someone bumping into us in the street,
An innocuous word here,
A ‘wrong’ look there,
A text message is not returned fast enough[translate that to ‘instantly’...]
And the fish is baited,
You’re cruelly hooked...

Next, it progresses,
Someone actually dares to disagree with your highness,
or shows you the finger on the road,
or, horror of horrors says something nasty to your face about you,
Grrr, like a simmering volcano,
It bubbles just beneath the surface,
Beckoning you on,
If ingested, its tantalizing essence clouds the vision,
And blurs the logic...

Like a narcotic, its addictive power grows on you,
It surely but inexorably entwines itself around your very being till only a semblance of your former balanced self is left,
It has grave physiological repercussions as well,
It can affect your liver, it can result in menstrual pain, headaches, redness of the face and eyes, dizziness, dry mouth, etc., etc.,

It drives loved ones away,
It drives material blessings away,
Its a barrier to all good things,
And a harbinger of all bad things...

What is it?
Of course you have all guessed by now,
Its the destructive elixir called wrath, anger, rage, fury...
Bring it on anyone...???
And lunacy reigns supreme...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2010

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Comments (14)

Hi, Earlgreytea,
I strive to be Fred Small's "Buddha Behind The Wheel" when like a simmering volcano,
It bubbles just beneath the surface Beckoning
. Thanks for reminding us of how this tantalizing essence clouds the vision.
Thanks Massachusetts, I'm not familiar with Fred Small's, Buddha Behind the Wheel, but i will listen to the song, i believe it is? Two of my favourites are the books: "The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari "...and "If You Meet the Buddha on the Road, Kill Him!"
love and light...
where do you get this stuff? amazing. your talent of culling together expansive avenues of commonality and relativity, cause and effect, sometimes with far flung, outside the box, examples and affectations is novel.
Aaahhh, thanks so much Hedi for your wonderful encouragement, in this cosmic loneliness, a soul does what it can to commune with its fellows...
Peace out EarlgreyT. Yes anger causes stress
and all kinds of ailments. Whatever happened
to those foam bricks we were supposed to throw?cool angel peace
Earlgreytea - another great poem! dis-ease caused by emotions held in check...very thought provoking :)hug
Thanks Canada and Jazzy...
I'm with Hedi...a great read from a guy who obviously has read ALOT and gleaned wisdom from it.
Thanks Goodguy, always appreciate your encouragement...
Happygolucky4uonline today!
I loved it you took the anger that starts out small and showed it building upapplause
And I have lived this poem a time or twoblushing
Thank you for the kind words Happy...
I've seen it but never been it!! Great words.. wave banana
What a great poem. You are so gifted. This one is so true. I understand exactly what you are saying. Thank you.
Thanks for the encouragement Dragonfly and PinkP...
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