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Love Doesn't Live Here Any More

Your facial expression pleading for forgiveness just like before
This time my mind is made up as I escort you to the door
In the beginning attracted to your manliness; now acting like a little boy
Once a couple united; now reluctantly used as your personal love toy.

As a woman along for the ride I wanted to grow
While occupying center stage on the sidelines you had other issues to sow
Moving in all directions never following a straight line
You displayed character deficiencies you thought I'd never find.

Carrying additional wisdom I confidently remove myself from the fast lane
Walking slowly in the mode of self analysis with no need for an express train
A visionary process will capture me after loneliness slowly settles in
Looking for a new beginning closing the chapter of regret recently held hostage within.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2010
About this poem:
A woman expresses her true feelings, her bitterness over being deceived, her growth as a result of this experience, and the development of a new stronger inner confidence enabling her to break away and confidently face the future.

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Comments (2)

Personal growth,yes. We must always learn
from all our experiences.angel applause
nice write
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