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Lonely Nights Poem

Lonely Nights

Restless, wide awake, my head spinning around
Reaching out to touch you, but you are nowhere to be found

I look out of my window, know you are under the same sky
We are no longer together, and I have to question why?

We laughed and cried together, had some really special times
Now when I think of you, my words come out in rhymes.

My nights are cold, I shiver so much
Longing, aching, to feel your touch

I while away the hours, try to keep myself buzy
But the constant thoughts of you, make me feel so dizzy

I saw you tonight, we both smiled and said hello
I turned my face away from you, so the hurt would not show

As I lay here in my darkened room, my bed seems incredibly bare
I touch your pillow, shed a tear, wishing you were here!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 26, 2010
About this poem:
Forbidden love, the ex of one of my best friends, we had something special, but my friend is special too, so I had to make a choice. Not so sure it was the right one

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Comments (10)

  • agoodguy2have
    agoodguy2have Mar 2010 suffolk, Virginia USA
    can't answer the question but it is a fine poem...with a typo 2nd to last line... ;-)
  • trurorob
    trurorob Mar 2010 Alicante, Valenciana Spain
    Only you can answer that!!, well versed
  • boyshchrm6
    boyshchrm6 Mar 2010 barrie, Ontario Canada
    Often we don't know if choices are
    right. If only we could peer into the future.confused dunno
  • hedistuff
    hedistuff Mar 2010 sand fork, West Virginia USA
    oh golly...beautiful, dolphin.
  • dolphin1
    dolphin1OP Mar 2010 Chester, Cheshire, England UK
    Thanks guys for your comments x
  • EarlgreyteaHidden Profile
    EarlgreyteaHidden Profile Mar 2010 Limassol, Cyprus
    Excellent and heartfelt Dolphin, I soooo empathize...
  • lookn2share
    lookn2share Sep 2017 Somewhere, Florida USA
    dolphin1: CHOICES...The absolute most arduous thing we MUST do in life!
    Thanks Bonita...I feel ya!
  • Abby1963
    Abby1963 Sep 2017 long beach, California USA
    Heartfelt poem wine
  • localpoet
    localpoet Mar 16 Cannock, Staffordshire, England UK
    This felt like something I would write myself I really connected with it!
  • studecar
    studecar Apr 20 sayre, Oklahoma USA
    dolfin, what an exceptional poem , how did you manage to read my mind - yes I'v been there.
    Thanks for the beautiful touching words. studecarhandshake
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