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Lonely Nights

Restless, wide awake, my head spinning around
Reaching out to touch you, but you are nowhere to be found

I look out of my window, know you are under the same sky
We are no longer together, and I have to question why?

We laughed and cried together, had some really special times
Now when I think of you, my words come out in rhymes.

My nights are cold, I shiver so much
Longing, aching, to feel your touch

I while away the hours, try to keep myself buzy
But the constant thoughts of you, make me feel so dizzy

I saw you tonight, we both smiled and said hello
I turned my face away from you, so the hurt would not show

As I lay here in my darkened room, my bed seems incredibly bare
I touch your pillow, shed a tear, wishing you were here!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2010
About this poem:
Forbidden love, the ex of one of my best friends, we had something special, but my friend is special too, so I had to make a choice. Not so sure it was the right one

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can't answer the question but it is a fine poem...with a typo 2nd to last line... ;-)
trurorobonline today!
Only you can answer that!!, well versed
Often we don't know if choices are
right. If only we could peer into the future.confused dunno
oh golly...beautiful, dolphin.
Thanks guys for your comments x
Excellent and heartfelt Dolphin, I soooo empathize...
dolphin1: CHOICES...The absolute most arduous thing we MUST do in life!
Thanks Bonita...I feel ya!
Heartfelt poem wine
This felt like something I would write myself I really connected with it!
studecaronline now!
dolfin, what an exceptional poem , how did you manage to read my mind - yes I'v been there.
Thanks for the beautiful touching words. studecarhandshake
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