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Beaten and pushed away (lyrics)

I try so damn hard
Just to get to you
But you push me away
Like you never knew

I feel like things
Are starting to fall apart
I can feel it deep
Down in my heart

You push me away again
Tell me to go
Why can't I stay
I'm tired just go!

I try so hard to
Make sense of it all
You push me from behind
Now I'm ready to fall

You pushed me down
Now I have a bruise
If you call this love
You deserve to lose!

I think its time
That I just walk away
Maybe then he'll just
Beg me to stay

I tried to tell him
But he slapped me instead
Why do I take it
You better listen he said

You pushed me to far
You're abuse is too much
You treat me like shit
Don't even try and touch

I try so hard to
Fight and pull away
Now I'm handcuffed to you
Looks like I'm here to stay

I wake up early today
And find myself black and blue
Look in the mirror now
Its all cause of you

You pushed to hard this time
How will this end
Its all up to you
You and I are through!

I tried and got away
Slipped out of my cuffs
Cause I'm not gonna stay
My decision is final today!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2010
About this poem:
i wrote this for a co-worker who's boyfriend was beating her up,i tried to help her,but she did'nt want it,today she's still with him,and puts up with his crap,i can never understand why a girl would stick up for someone like this....unbelieveable!!!

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Love is a funny thing DW confused Good poem teddybear
it's sometimes funny that nobody's laughin'...
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