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The Awakening

At first the young bud sways on it's stem
vulnerable to elemental forces,
beyond it's control.
Only parental contact and strength
to sustain, nourish and protect it.
Fresh and gleaming with the morning dew.
No hint of what is yet to come.

Then the slow growth and transformation
into something new,
the final form still evolving.

Quietly, and almost unseen,
the protective cover splits,
suggesting a trace of colour,
a hint of what will be.

In the embrace and warmth
of the spring sun and soft shower's caresses
the petals open.
Hesitantly at first, still shyly and fearfully
clinging to each other,
their full glory yet to unfold.

Then, in the full strength of the sun,
throwing all caution aside,
opening wide for all to see.

Confident and serene in it's beauty
created by simple care,
and love.

And in the fullness of time
the petals fade,
leaving behind treasured memories
of scent and sight,
and the unforgettable past.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2010
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this is terrific!
hament - beautiful thougths and poem...very cool :)cool
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