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The Sanctity Of Love

Loving another – for what will be sacrificed...?
Enabled to lay our life above-their-own...?
Casting aside our dreams and ambitions for the sake of theirs...?
A planned future - separate or unified...?

It is not 'love at first sight' – truly 'love defined through time'
Love blossoms-not without time and patience...
Healing hands soothe hearts of discontent
Understanding of the needs within shall grant 'love unsurpassed'

Compassion, trust, confidence, admiration – in quality or quantity...?
The paths that lead forward not carry backwards
The offering of a pillow-of-comfort during a time-of-grief
Through the courage of strength and the belief in one another... does love's true form appear...?

A journey-of-love... a 'walk of faith'...?
An overnight obsession or a thought-less passion...?
Our minds lie in this emotional abyss of misconceptions and misdeeds
Gifting our hearts with the 'sanctity of love'
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2010
About this poem:
I wrote this poem during my transition back home (another crossroad)...

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by Unknown
on Mar 2010
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