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Shedded Light By-M.S.

My body lay torn in your arms as you agreed to take my heart,
I never knew a world so hurtful before you tore mine apart,
Tears of happiness and feelings of hope,
now just sit under my soul to you I was just a joke,
I gave you my happiness, my heart, and my soul,
You ripped it away from me, my faith you stole,
I lay here broken in pieces, confused and alone,
I feel nothing for you now like a heart of stone,
Bitter and tattered is my heart split in two,
I have moved on in my soul from you,
I shed the light for myself through and through,
I will never let myself fall for another now,
Until they prove to me they know how,
Know how to love me deeply and true,
My sorrows and sadness washed away from you!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2010
About this poem:
This was written after breaking up with the father of my son.

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very nice writing...
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