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Only Clowns And Comedians Need Apply

The world wide union of eligible females via conference in unison made a pact
A strong sense of humor from applying male counterparts was really where it was at
Clowns and comedians raising the bar met the requirements with the greatest of ease
While boring stoic uninspiring males were placed in the category usually reserved for social disease.

Clowns and comedians through their antics and jokes
Attracted numerous smiles, giggles, and complimentary waves of laughter as soon as they spoke
The silent ones meanwhile embarrassed at times nervously felt out of place
Wondering throughout this sad ritual if the ladies seriously considered them still members of the human race.

After an extended period of time cascading levels of laughter and merriment unfortunately had to subside
Intelligent females slowly came to the realization that the jokesters had several pressing personal issues secretly to hide
The ladies acknowledged the quiet, chivalrous group was a pleasant sight to see
Many came forward via sworn affidavits saying the humor junkies had turned their once budding relationships into a travesty.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2010
About this poem:
It seems like 99% of the ladies out there start off their profile of requirements toward men by saying "Make me laugh". Many men are able to succeed because they have a good sense of humor. However many other decent men out there do not have a great gift for conversation. As soon as the lady feels the guy is boring she breaks off the initial connection and all hope is lost. Additional time has to be invested so that the positve traits of the fellow may shine through perhaps in a different environment. The humorous fellow meanwhile may move on to a new possible conquest while the first girl is still busy laughing at his jokes. Humorless guys may not be completely humorless. They may be keepers since it is more difficult for them to make a good impression with eligible ladies on first contact.

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you post a very valid point. I for one, hate to laugh!, but do agree that many, of both sexes, are WAY too quick to decide the soulful value of another. Write on!
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