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Sometimes I get sick and tired of all this shit.
Just want to hang my coat and quit.
Find an island by myself.
Just the necessities don't need wealth.
To have a little peace and quiet.
Is nice but money can't buy it.
I'd like to scream and yell
Tell most to go to hell
Do you think I'm having a bad day.
Or just taking time to have my say?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2010
About this poem:
Sometimes I just want a nice neat world. No fuss no muss.

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Comments (5)

out of the abundant of the heart the mouth speaketh, however, it is a pity we cant mould the world into our taste[ a complex phenomenon] A NICE POEM.
Life and neat-n-nice though your poem is. ;-)
Thank you for reading my poem and understanding itlaugh teddybear
OMG! I need this too....Nice poem thanks for sharing.hug
Happygolucky4uonline today!
I think it say it allbouquet
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by Unknown
on Mar 2010
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