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Why Don't I Write Poetry?

I would love to put my thoughts on paper in such a way
So that people would eventually say
What a beautiful poetry!
But I can't, unfortunately

I think the reason why people write
Is because they can and because of love
That is why
They need it as the air
In their life
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2010
About this poem:
There was a post with the question why do you write poetry. I decided to answer the question with my own question why do not I write poetry and along the way answer the question why some people write poetry. I did it for fun and would like to hear the opinion of the professional poets here on the site

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bouquet bouquet bouquet
head banger
Hi solong!

Thank you very much for the compliment

I can only imagine how stupid and unprofessional this first poem of my life sounds. Especially in the language that is not my native tongue.
Hey suaocny!

As soon as we find some professional poets here we'll ask 'em! In the meantime us amateurs think you've written yer first! More please. We need it as the air!
thank you for your poem. words are shared for reason.
Hi suaocndy!
I looked into your profile and to my surprise I found out that you are not the one in a purple top on the picture LOL

English is not your native language, neither it's mine. I was born and raised in Krasnoyarsk.

MY first poem in English was

Welcome to a friendly corner!
oops, I gave you the wrong link, it was my 5th poem :-))
the first one was this:

suaocndy - thank you for sharing your first poem in english with us :) keep writingpeace
Thank you guys for the support. As I said I cannot write but...I will keep trying to write more poems and maybe some day I will write something more meaningful.

Solong, I liked your first poem in English and the Let Me Fly poem too. For me you are doing great. Do you write poems in Russian too? It is nice to hear that you are from the city where I lived.
"air in their life"
Nice, never thought of it
that way, but to an extent yes.
I'll ask some of the pros!cool angel thumbs up
It is an air for me that I need that I breath. You have written poetry in your description.. And the question is.. Can one ever be really professional in poetry or is it that the words just sit on a page time and again and we have penned them to an art of our own picture? This is poetry near perfection. We are all this I think!! We all paint our own picture for other pictures to be captured. Good for you!!handshake
purpledragonfly, I agree with you. But, for me personally, since it is my first poem of my life, anyone who has wrote more than 10 poems in their lives is a professional poet. grin
Hi, sauocndy,
Nicely done. I agree with boyshchrm6...need it as the air In their life referring to verse and its poet is quite poetic. One down, only nine to go! I look forward to reading your next post!
Posting your poetry, saying you can't write poetry is an art in itself. This is poetry at its finest teddybear
Hia again! I have written so many poems I have lost count, but how others wish to perceive me in their way is a choice for them. For me I don't look on myself as a professional poet, but I do think that a published work is credited to the author. Thankyou for putting this 'question' up for comments.. It is an interesting subject.handshake
Translate some songs, they deserve to be understood
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