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strong man

His arms are large
His heart aches
Thighs... immense
Fists strike
sharp pain/throbbing ache
The taste of blood
like pennies, in my mouth
He tells me he loves me
I almost believe~ Too good to be true
The pain begins again
His kicks, he bashes, he laughs
Can't stop him ~ he is a strong man
He cries and says he is sorry
(She needs someone to stop him)
It soon starts again
Because he is a strong man
He knows how strong(He needs her to believe)
She knows how strong he is
She has felt his strength, she knows how strong
She has fought him, she has pleaded with him
He has underestimated her strength
She finally walks away~Bruised and broken
No matter how strong he was, she proved to be stronger,
Stronger than that strong man
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2010
About this poem:
I wrote this poem a few years, its about personal pain and growth

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I commend you for walking away.

Unfortunatley, for some unknown reason (other than pure ignorance) this is a world wide problem. Any man who feels it's allright to hit a woman or child is a coward.
thank you, its a near and touchy subject but needs healing
Hi, Stevia,
Sometimes it takes a lot of pain before one realizes that there are all kinds of strength. Thank you for painting that of one Stronger than that strong man.
Stevia - strong poem...thanks for sharingthumbs up
He is not strong he is weak of character. A bully is an overcompensating coward. You are strong not only for walking away but for knowing how to heal yourself, pick up the pieces and go on. May you never have to suffer a bully again,
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